Gestamp Renewables and Bergé team up to offer Wind farms services in Brazil

Gestamp Renewables

The Gestamp Renewables division and Bergé Infrastructure and Logistics (BISL) have just signed an agreement to form a new company, G & B Wind Services.

G & B Wind Services, which will have its headquarters in Recife, will offer logistics, assembly and maintenance services of wind farms in Brazil, with an expected turnover of around 40 million € for the first year of operation.

Subsequently, the activity could be extended to other Latin American countries.

Brazil is currently one of the markets with the greatest wind potential. It is estimated that the power capacity installed annually should generate between 1,500 and 2,000 MW for the next five years.

Gestamp Wind Steel is the wind industrial division of Gestamp Renewables, which is specialized in the construction of wind towers, with factories in Spain, Brazil and Turkey.

Gestamp Renewables ( a division of Corporacion Gestamp, is an industry group dedicated to the operation and supply of components in the field of renewable energies with a single integrated business model. It also has presence across the chain of value, since it works from manufacture and supply of components to the development, construction, maintenance, operation and development of wind energy projects, as well as solar and biomass.

Brazil currently has the largest factory that produces wind tower sections throughout Latin America and also has several wind projects awarded as a promoter.

For its part, BISL (, a division of Bergé y Cia, and has participated in several wind projects in Chile, Mexico, European countries and the United States. They have managed around 200 ships per year for the transportation of wind turbines. Also handling 1 million of m3 wind components per year in different ports are part of their experience and record.

BISL is dedicated to the following business areas: port operations, logistics vehicles, Energy Logistics, Logistics and Shipping BISL general are present in 28 ports with different types of businesses and assets that operate independently.

About Gestamp Corporation

Gestamp Corporation, parent of Gestamp Renewables is a leading multinational in Europe in the steel, automotive components and Renewable energy sectors.

The financial strength of Gestamp Corporation and its clear industrial and geographical diversification has driven the growth and consolidation of the Group in major markets worldwide.

It is currently present in 25 countries in Europe, America and Asia, with hundreds of industrial plants. With a global staff of more than 20,000 employees, Gestamp Corporation reached a turnover of 5,000 million euros in 2010.


About Bergé y Cia

Founded in 1870 as an office of shipments and ship docks, Bergé Cia and spread throughout the country, opening offices in  major ports in Spain.

In 1980 they began to diversify with the import of industrial equipment and the distribution of company cars. From that point, its business expanded to other areas such as financial services, logistics, energy, environment and new technologies.

It currently has more than 3,000 employees and operates in 10 countries.

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