ZAPYTANIE OFERTOWE na pełnienie funkcji INSPEKTORA NADZORU INWESTORSKIEGO w ramach projektu - Budowa farmy wiatrowej Szerzawy 10 MW wraz z infrastrukturą towarzyszącą



Informujemy, że w dniu 19.09.2014 uległa zmianie treść załącznika nr 1 Formularz Oferty. Aktualna treść załącznika jest do pobrania poniżej.

Obowiązującą wersją językową dokumentów jest wersja polskojęzyczna.

Zapytanie ofertowe PL

Gestamp Solar begins the construction of its first plant in Japan

Corporacion Gestamp, Gestamp Renewables, Gestamp Solar

Last July Gestamp Solar started a project to build a new photovoltaic plant in Japán (Ibaraki), Fukuroda a name which honours the region where it is located.

It is Gestamp Solar first project in Japan and it is forecasted that this new development will be completed about the middle of  2015. The facility has a nominal power of  26 MW and a peak power of 31.6 MW with 126.000 modules and 6 transformation centers. It is estimated that the annual production will be 37.000 MWh/...

Gestamp Wind Signs an Agreement to Finance the Construction of a Wind Farm in Poland

Corporacion Gestamp, Gestamp Renewables, Gestamp Wind

Last 27th of June, Gestamp Wind signed an agreement to finance the construction of a wind farm with a capacity of 10 MW in Pawlow, Poland.

This funding, a 15-year loan for 12 million euros (75% of eligible project costs) will be a priority under the National Fund "Support for distribution and renewable energy." (NDOSIGW). The objective of this project is to increase the amount of electricity produced from renewable energy sources.

The project is based on the construction of a wind farm with five windmills and a maximum power of two megawatts each. It will be...

Gestamp Solar Announces its First Utility- Scale Solar Project in Japan

Corporacion Gestamp, Gestamp Solar

Madrid/Tokyo, June 30, 2014

Gestamp Solar today announced its first photovoltaic project in Japan, under the promotion measures by Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry for the introduction of renewable energy in the country. The...

Gestamp Wind wins two wind projects in Brazil

Corporacion Gestamp, Gestamp Renewables, Gestamp Wind

Madrid, December the 20th, 2013. Gestamp Wind the wind energy division of Gestamp Renewables (Corporación Gestamp) has win two new energy sale contracts in Brazil during 20 years for several projects, which will generate 50MWs. With these two parks, Gestamp Wind will own 404MWs in Brazil.

These wind parks suppose an additional investment of 70€ millions in Brazil. During the 20 years duration of the energy sale agreements, the earnings forecast is 180€ millions.

Gestamp wind is building 128MW in 5 Brazilian wind farms located in Río Grande do Norte, that will start...

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