President´s letter

Dear reader,

Gestamp Biomass is part of Corporación Gestamp group. As part of this multinational corporation and under the Gestamp Renewables umbrella, we are focused on the design, construction, promotion, and operation of plants generating power and heat from biomass.

We are aware of the importance of adopting an ethical and transparent position in the market foun¬ded on clear communication with our stakeholders. As proof of this commitment, we hereby deliver our first Sustainability Report.

At present, we are witnessing a worldwide evolution towards new sustainable energy models which allow the supply of the growing global energy demand through environmentally friendly energy sources and which have a significant job creation capacity.

We are present throughout all the different stages of the biomass value chain by means of a number of differentiated business lines, the objective being to optimize Gestamp Biomass’s process.

We partake of forest planning, forest management, biomass production and logistics, and power gene¬ration from biomass, in addition to the operation and maintenance of our installations. Our highly qualified professional team is our company’s driving force so this year we have focused on reinforcing our corporate culture, and widening educational initiatives to develop their talent. One of the most outstanding actions was the launch of our Ethics Code of Conduct which, along with online trai¬ning, allowed our employees to get to know it in depth, and formalize their compliance commitment.

This Report offers a balanced and accurate vision of our financial, environmental and social results in the 2014 financial year. Furthermore, this year we have renewed our backing and support of the UN Global Compact.

Finally, I want to thank your trust and your contribution to the development of this project which we are part of, and I hope you enjoy reading this Report.

-Jon Riberas


CEO's letter

We would like to welcome you to the first Gestamp Biomass Sustainability Report.

Within it is contained the most relevant and notewor¬thy information of 2014 in the context of our culture, values and principles. The report has been prepa¬red in keeping with the guidelines established by the Global Reporting Initiative GRI 3.1 in aid of offering balanced, transparent and veracious information that is further revised externally by an independent organization. At Gestamp Biomass we continue to grow in a sus¬tainable manner, creating value for our stakeholders through the production of renewable energy and by combatting climate change, thus contributing towards the generation of employment, wealth and local development in all the areas where we are present.

We continue to seek for new challenges and opportunities in the complex environment we find ourselves in, as showcased by the evolution of our results and the growth and diversification of our activities.

We are currently in the process of developing new projects in Spain, LatAm (Uruguay and Peru) and the United Kingdom, and we are present throughout the entire biomass value chain, in keeping with our strategy of vertical integration.

As of 2014, we have two Biomass power plants in operation, one in Garray (Spain) and one in Berlin (USA), as well as a plant in Lebrija (Spain), which specializes in selling steam directly to the agro-food industry.

Our activities contribute towards combatting clima¬te change by generating clean, renewable energy. Through forest management and the exploitation of forest biomass, we contribute to the reduction of the risk of fires as well as towards ensuring the continuity and growth of our forests.

In line with this, we believe in the relevance of optimizing power consumption, due to which we develop industrial projects that focus on reducing con¬sumption and the efficient use of power by means of our subsidiary Gestamp ESCO Eficiencia Energética.

Innovation is key for our growth. We partake of a number of innovative projects such as the study of crops aimed at power generation in Uruguay, the development of innovative methods for collecting bio¬mass and transforming it in Spain and the study of the techno-economic viability of the coal oxy-combustion for CO2 capture processes on an industrial scale.

Our objective is to continue working towards reinfor¬cing our corporate culture, our commitment towards ethics and transparency, and the development of the communities within which we are present.

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity for acknowledging the effort, commitment and hard work carried out by our team of professionals, to whom I would like to convey my most sincere gratitude.

For all of the above, we are delighted to present you with this Report, which we hope you will find of interest.

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Gestamp Biomass and sustainability

We want to be a leading multinational company in the field of biomass energy through our commitment to value creation, competitiveness, efficiency, safety and respect for the environment.


1. Gestamp Biomass and sustainability

  • About us
  • Global presence
  • Our development
  • Gestamp Biomass Governance
  • Our corporate culture
  • Sustainability Master Plan
  • Our stakeholders

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Our mission is to satisfy the global needs of our clients by talking into account their business activity, employee security and respect for the environment.



  • Global Context
  • Our products
  • Results
  • Our business model
  • Clients and suppliers
  • Innovation
  • Management and risk framework

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Our business activity is developed at locations where local needs and impacts are diverse. Our intention is to contribute to life quality improvement and the welfare of the communities where we develop our projects.


3. Planet

  • Our environmental management
  • The environment within our value chain
  • Our contribution towards combatting climate change

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Our professionals are the driving force of our Company since accomplishing our mission and vision successfully depends entirely on them.


4. People

  • Our team of professionals
  • Labor practices and communication
  • Atracting and retaining talen
  • Health and safety in the workplace
  • Creation of value in society

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This report has been made in accordance with the guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) in its 3.1 version, and in compliance with the Ten Principles established by the UN Global Compact.

This report contains information regarding our performance, our main socioeconomic, environmental impacts, and the opinion of our stakeholders, which are reflected on our materiality study during the financial year 2014. Our intention is to publish this report on a yearly basis.


  • Scope and coverage of the Report
  • Independent Review Report
  • GRI Index
  • Contents related to the Principles of the UN Global Compact