Adares Wind Farm is located in Selcuk, in the Esmirna region,...

Berlin, New Hampshire
  • Power Purchase Agreement: 20 years 
  • Biomass consumption of 700.000 tons/year...

Gestamp Renewables,
the benefit of sustainability

Gestamp Renewables, a division of Corporación Gestamp, is an industrial group that operates and supplies components within the renewable energy sector.

Since 2005, Gestamp Renewables has aspired to position itself as an international leader within the renewable energy sector, using a unique and integrated business model encompassing the entire value chain, from the manufacture and supply of components to the development, construction, maintenance and operation of wind, solar and biomass energy projects.

Gestamp Renewables integrates two renewable energy business units of Corporación Gestamp: Wind and Biomass energy.

Gestamp Renewables has over 680 MW of operating wind energy and to date it has participated in the development of over 100 MW of Biomass energy.

Gestamp Wind

We develop, construct and operate wind parks throughout key wind markets worldwide.

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Gestamp Biomass

We develop, construct and operate our own plants globally and also supply the necessary fuel for biomass plants.

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Backed by the 5 strenghts of Corporacion Gestamp


Partners and clients at Gestamp Renewables and Gestamp Solar can benefit from the 5 core strengths of Corporacion Gestamp:

  1. 1.

    Spanish Leadership
    The Spanish origin of Gestamp explains its technological ability in renewable energy, a sector in which Spain is a world leader.

  2. 2.

    Large OEMs

    Gestamp is a major supplier to large automotive customers to whom it provides its quality services, products and timed delivery. These characteristics spillover to the whole renewable energy sector.
  3. 3.

    Steel Sector
    Gestamp is Europe´s leading multinational in the steel sector, which is a main component in the development of renewable energy plants, whether they are solar, wind or biomass.

  4. 4.

    Vertical Integration

    Corporación Gestamp stands out because it integrates all the processes in the value chain, as it developes renewable energy projects, covering the construction and the operation of the plants.
  5. 5.

    Global Supplier

    Gestamp Renewables also benefits from the global presence of the Corporation with over a hundred production sites located in Europe, America and Asia.